5 Resources to Help You Embrace Progressive Talent Management Practices

Picture1What are progressive companies doing when their existing talent management organization is not meeting the evolving needs of employees? What transformative practices can unleash human potential, create value and ultimately drive revenue in an organization?

We have curated a list of introductory online resources to quick-start the learning curve for HR and business leaders.


  1. Using Talent Management to Create Value.   In this introductory video two thought leaders McKinsey’s Rik Kirkland, the founder of executive-advisory firm CEO.works and former chief human-resources officer of Unilever, Sandy Ogg, talk about managing talent to build speed in organizations, understanding how jobs link to the value they create, and responding to shifting tides in HR.  
  2. Connecting Talent to Value.  From CEO.works, view the 5-part series and download the whitepaper.
  3. HR Technology Market 2019: Disruption Ahead. This report by industry leader Josh Bersin provides an overview of the disruptions and rapid transformations that are impacting the HR technology market.
  4. Unleashing Talent with the Future of Artificial Intelligence.  Read Deloitte’s report on how human workers, augmented with AI, is one of the most influential forces shaping the future of work.
  5. Shifting Toward a Progressive Company.  An interesting paper by a group of French business leaders that outlines a framework for promoting economic and societal performance.


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