50 States:  50 Free Labor Market Information Sites

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Labor Market Information (LMI) tools are great ways to identify information about jobs, salaries, required skills, hiring outlook, trends, tools and software used, demographic, and so much other useful data.  Hiring managers can identify typical times to hire candidates, salary ranges, and even where they can find candidates and companies that are hiring them.  Educational organizations can use LMI data to identify degree and continuing education programs that make sense to implement.  Business leaders thinking about adding more locations across the United States can identify the best locations for the types of employees they will need there with an LMI.  Individuals can use LMI data to get salary ranges, identify hiring companies, and discover the requisite skills to land the job.

While there are several big players in the commercial LMI space:  TalentNeuron, Emsi, and Burning Glass, all states have FREE LMI systems.  While they may not be as elegant as the commercial systems, you can get tons of invaluable information, whatever your need is. 

Check out your state’s free LMI platform.

Were you surprised at the wealth of information available for your state?  Bookmark your state’s LMI link so you can get back to it as you need to.

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