Close It Summit 2019: Close Gaps in Fit and Skills at Business Speed


Frontier Signal founder and CEO Nelson Rockefeller and Darin Hartley, VP of Business Development and Solution Architecture, engaged with thought leaders and practitioners from HR, technology, policy, education and founders at the 2019 Close It Summit. The theme of this year’s summit was Critical Shift\ Work. Learn. Tech. with a focus on technologies that can bridge gaps in skills and learning to prepare individuals and employers for the future of work. Business leaders are challenged with orchestrating how new technology tools powered by AI can be used to find and train employees that will create the next generation of products and services to meet customer expectations. Identifying, retaining and developing the strongest workforce is now inextricably linked to a company’s growth and revenue.




The talent screening experience is broken and inefficient. Traditional assessments like MBIT, Strengthsfinder or DISC are built on societal benchmarks and look at broader societal markers and do not surface what is going to make a person successful in a specific job role within a team or company. Also, talent screening solutions that deploy knockout questions ignore the whole person in favor of general requirements to filter through volumes of resumes. Frontier Signal has developed a proprietary assessment that allows employers to establish a performance benchmark across multiple dimensions - skills, experience, culture, motivations, personality and preferences- for a job role or team and then, quickly and efficiently, screen talent at scale to that benchmark. Our Signal Report delivers candidate insights and gaps to that benchmark so that hiring manager can evaluate candidates holistically.

Frontier Signal’s augmented-intelligence technology elevates the science of fit with precision and velocity thus allowing HR managers and business leaders to:

  • Screen and identify talent quicker
  • Build the right talent pools for key positions
  • Profile what “good” or success looks like
  • Give individuals access to what “good” like
  • Identify traditional (skills training, leadership development) and non-traditional (mentoring, job shadowing, etc.) development opportunities for individuals

Darin recounted his grandfather’s advice “better to be an hour early than a minute late” and put it into perspective: today’s talent acquisition marketplace is so competitive to find the right candidate, that if you are a minute late somebody is going to take that candidate from you!

Overall our team found the conference very valuable for networking and the learning that happened there and look forward to attending and presenting at next year’s summit. To learn more about Innovate+Educate visit the web site at

Frontier Signal sees the future of work as uniquely human and our mission is to help people maximize their talent. We deliver augmented-intelligence technology for business and HR leaders to acquire, develop, and retain an engaged and aligned workforce to meet current and future needs and drive revenue in their organizations. If you would like to learn more, email us at or call us 646-866-7028 or visit our web site at

Topics: Talent Acquisition, Skills Gaps, Future of Work, Inner Mobility, Job Fit

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