Decision-Making Using Augmented Intelligence

Frontier Signal’s technology delivers a more precise way to screen, grow and retain talent powered by augmented-intelligence and rigorous data science.  Let’s break that down.

Our assessment and learning technology is a SaaS platform that helps business leaders and HR professionals manage talent decisions at scale with more efficiency and inclusivity.   Businesses are challenged to understand what constitutes success in a job role and we do that for you by understanding your talent. We help you establish a common vocabulary of success factors we call Signals. Often quality candidates are screened out for the wrong reasons. Our machine learning algorithms filter applicants through your success data in an objective and structured way to measure and surface the top tier candidates to move on in the hiring process or to assist in internal mobility initiatives. 

We replace time-consuming and flawed talent screening and rationalization processes with automation to augment human intelligence, not replace it. According to Gartner, Augmented intelligence is a design pattern for a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision making and new experiences. 

We have focused our product on the assistive role that machine learning and Ai can play in hiring and other talent decisions - in essence to free up time for more valuable work related to decision making.  Use our technology to screen applicants and narrow down the top 10% to 20% of talent and make the hiring process quicker, more efficient and most importantly, make more quality hires. Use the insights generated from your success data to evaluate candidates across multiple dimensions and you decide what is skills, experiences or traits are important, what gaps can be addressed through learning or training, etc.

Frontier Signal is committed to doing our part to help the global community pull together and grow stronger through these trying times. We are proud to offer companies assisting with fighting the COVID-19 pandemic the opportunity to get started screening for your first job role for free on our platform. Reach out to get started today.

Topics: Talent Acquisition, Skills Gaps, Inner Mobility, Job Fit, learning and development, Retention, quality hire, augmented intelligence

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