Resources for Early-Career Professionals Laid Off for the First Time

As the Covid-19 crisis deepens,  I have seen an uptick in early career professionals who have reached out to me because they have been laid off from their jobs for the first time.  The initial response is one of disbelief and a “why me” reflex then the reality of finding a new job sets in. I mentor college students and early career professionals and in my conversations with them, I sense uncertainty in how to go about launching a job search.  My advice to them during this crisis and pause in their lives is outlined below along with a list of resources to get started. Treat your new job search as a project and devote a few hours a day across a week's time to this foundational work instead of frantically searching for a new job and applying to any available positions. 

Educate yourself about transferable and baseline skills

Inventory your transferable skills

Expand your job search beyond your current title or domain and highlight transferable skills in your resume or LinkedIn profile

Acquire new skills and knowledge for free and improve your skill sets while demonstrating continuous learning to prospective employers

Realize that you are not alone.  It is time to reach out to your network either informally or formally via LinkedIn.  You will find that most people are willing to support or offer advice - it helps to be specific - an introduction, career advice, review my resume, etc.

Here are some articles that I curated on how it feels to be laid off for the first time:

Good luck to everyone out there.

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