New Ways to Work and Unleash Productivity and Creativity

Following up on my last blog post on Strategies for Working Remote, I am exploring the topic of new ways to work to unleash productivity and creativity. A global study by Adobe found that businesses which invest in creativity experience:

  • Increased employee productivity (78 percent)
  • Have satisfied customers (80 percent) and produce a better customer experience (78 percent)
  • Foster innovation (83 percent) and are financially successful (73 percent)

 Strategies and concepts range from:

  • having the right technology for sound and video conferencing online collaboration tools
  • Utilizing smart note-taking tips
  • using augmented-intelligence technologies
  • Understanding the concept of psychological safety and employee activation
  • Freeing your mind to unleash creativity and natural happiness
  • Understanding the power of distributed work

Here are some read-worthy resources:

Topics: Future of Work, job satisfaction, remote work, engagement

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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