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Why a Less Transient Frontline Workforce is a Business Imperative

Posted by Patty Kappmeyer on Jan 30, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Attracting and retaining experienced, to

p performers is key across any business - including bringing great frontline people to work on hospitality, food service, retail or healthcare teams. Jobs in these industries are undergoing a hiring transformation. Frontline employees are often the first touch customers have with your brand and they have a tremendous impact on the user experience. According to the Forbes article Why Frontline Workers Must Be Part of Your Digital Transformation, they are the first ones to represent your brand and engage customers, and their interactions can have a huge impact on how customers perceive your company. Yet the focus of talent retention s predominantly on salaried, professional employees who benefit from upskilling, reskilling, or carer development tools. Frontline workers continue to be overlooked.

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Topics: learning and development, Retention, frontline workers