Use Frontier Signal's Technology to Jump Start Virtual University Recruiting

The COVID-19 virus has greatly impacted the university recruiting timeline for college students and upcoming graduates. Internships are canceled and job opportunities are vanishing as companies put a hold on recruiting efforts. During this time of social distancing and remote work, our technology is well suited to help companies manage university recruits to determine if they're the right fit, remotely, without having to attend on-site career fairs or meetings or interviews in-person. 

For companies that are involved in college recruiting and rely on in-person career fairs, we can help you maintain and broaden your recruiting efforts online to reach more qualified students. Here is how Frontier Signal can facilitate virtual recruiting and scale your overall recruiting in an efficient, fair and inclusive manner:

  • We work with your recruiting manager to conduct a rapid job analysis based on the job description to bring forth the most important tasks, tools, and experiences. Our own, Darin Hartley, wrote the book Conducting Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality and we have created a technology around its principles.
  • Our assessment technology integrates the results of the rapid job analysis to create a custom assessment tool that is contextual to the specific job role.
  • Your hiring manager identifies model performers in and around the job role who take the assessment to establish the job success criteria. The assessment typically takes 30 minutes to complete. 
  • You roll out the customized assessment to soon to be college graduates by linking it to your online recruiting tools (career web site, HandShake, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, etc.).  
  • Individuals complete the assessment and Frontier Signal generates a Signal Report that rank orders applicants by overall fit and reveals deep insights into a person’s skills, experiences, motivations, personality, and preferences alignment and gaps to the job success benchmark. 
  • Applicant identities are randomly anonymized. No name or initials, gender, or other resume information like GPA, school or employer pedigree is displayed. In one case study involving a global 500 company that used our product for university recruiting, they had recruited from a targeted set of universities but in using our tool the recruiting was expanded and surfaced top-ranked candidates from other schools not previously considered.
  • Short list your interview list!
  • The Signal Report written response insights can be used to inform a more profound and personalized interview process.

Frontier Signal can get your virtual recruiting up and running in a matter of days and you can view your first Signal Report within a week.

Frontier Signal is committed to doing our part to help the global community pull together and grow stronger through these trying times. We are proud to offer companies assisting with fighting the COVID-19 pandemic the opportunity to get started screening for your first job role for free on our platform. Reach out to get started today.

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