Visualization of Career Paths and the Future of Work

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This blog post delves into innovative ways that data is used to visualize career paths and the future of work.  Individuals - from college students and recent grads to professionals whose skills are becoming obsolete or those looking to switch careers - struggle with a lack of transparency and subjectivity surrounding career education and decisions. Interactive data visualization is a powerful tool that invites exploration and is perfectly suited to address this challenge.

In the broad and confusing online space devoted to job search, individuals and organization leave an exhaust trail of valuable data that is analyzed for patterns and relationships that yield marketable results. Sources of data include:

  • Resumes and job descriptions posted on online job marketplaces ( ex. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder)
  • Profiles built on professional or social networks (ex. LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, GitHub. Alumni or Professional Associations)
  • Government labor market information (BLS, Census)
  • Commercial real-time labor market data aggregators (Burning Glass, Emsi)

We compiled examples of interesting interactive visualization tools. Click on the links below to explore the visuals.

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