Surfacing the Right Talent in Trying Times

About Us

Frontier Signal is a startup company in the HR technology space that was built from the ground up after a four-year incubative period of deep market and academic research on the education-to-work spectrum. Our scientists reviewed hundreds of academic books, studies, and journal articles analyzing the psychometric foundation of hiring best practices, career assessments, and career outcomes. 

We uncovered a pivotal discovery—that an individual’s job satisfaction and exemplary performance are predicted by the job context defined by a set of attributes—skills, experience, preferences, motivations, and personality. Context is within a job, team, and organization. Replace one and it shifts the paradigm for success and job fit.

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What We Do

We like to refer to ourselves as a learning company.

We learn from you what it takes to be successful in a role. Our learning and assessment technology provides highly relevant insights about job candidates to hiring managers as an augmentation for their human intelligence when making hiring decisions. Companies place great trust in their interview processes to make business-critical hiring decisions and we don't aim to change that. Instead, our solution delivers the efficiency of measurement through our assessment and streamlines candidate evaluation through insights surfaced in our Signal Report. Our product increases hiring manager efficiency by surfacing the top candidates to be interviewed so that decisions can be made more quickly, and the candidates selected for an interview are more likely to fit well in the job.

How We Do It

We measure what matters and rank candidates through the lens of each job role’s unique context.

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Our psychometrically-validated assessment technology learns from you what it takes to be successful in your job context - the specific skills, experience, values and traits - and surfaces which candidates best fit that context. If you want to understand the science and measurement that allows us to deliver talent insights, read more about it here or get in touch.

How We Can Help

During this time of social distancing and remote work, our technology is well suited to help you manage the volume of job seekers or college recruits to determine if they're the right fit, remotely, without having to do any meetings or interviews in-person.  While we know these are uncertain times, we want to help to do our part. What Frontier Signal can do:

  • Help your hiring teams remotely screen more efficiently and effectively for the influx of job candidates you may be experiencing due to the mass layoffs of front-line workers. Use our solution to discover candidates that may have otherwise been overlooked.
  • For job roles that must continue to hire through the use of in-person interviews, the increased conversion rate provided by our product also means employees are safer because they will be exposed to fewer candidates in-person per hire.
  • Phone calls and video conferencing solutions are safe alternatives to in-person interviews, but it's more difficult for the interviewer to capture the same signals about a candidate without the in-person connection. For job roles now conducting interviews remotely, our Signal Report can help fill in the missing information which companies have historically relied upon the in-person interview to measure.
  • For companies that are involved in college recruiting and rely on in-person career fairs, we can help you maintain and broaden your recruiting efforts online to reach more qualified students.

Frontier Signal is committed to doing our part to help the global community pull together and grow stronger through these trying times. We are proud to offer companies assisting with fighting the COVID-19 pandemic the opportunity to get started screening for your first job role for free on our platform. Reach out to get started today.

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