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A Conversation with Darin Hartley: Biggest Challenges Facing L&D Departments

Posted by Patty Kappmeyer on Jan 9, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Darin Hartley is Vice President of Business Development and Solution Architecture at Frontier Signal. Darin Hartley has worked in the training industry for 30 years and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Corporate Training and Training Management. Previously he has worked at BICSI, The Janus Experience, LLC, Intrepid Learning, Inc., and Intrepid Learning Solutions, Inc., ASTD (now ATD), Dell, Lockheed Martin, General Physics, and the US Navy. Darin has presented previously at ISPI International, ASTD International, the ASTD Technical Skills Training Conference, and many others on a variety of topics. He has keynoted for national and international learning and training conferences for a variety of organizations.He has authored articles for T+D, Technical & Skills Training, and WorkForce Magazines. Darin has written four books including his most recent, 10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business, published in April 2010 (ASTD Press). Darin is a 2014 ASTD CPLP Fellow award winner.

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Book Review:  Algorithms to Live By (5 Salient Principles)

Posted by Elizabeth Monroe on Jan 7, 2020 9:45:00 AM

As a data scientist, I am intrigued by data science books and some of the most fascinating are books that offer new perspectives on seemingly mundane things.  One of the books I read for my company’s book club, Algorithms to Live By, did just that.  The book’s writers, Brian Christian, a renowned author, and Tom Griffiths, a cognitive scientist, use computer science theories and algorithms to explain everyday experiences, and I found the following five points to be especially applicable to my work life. The authors explain:

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A Conversation with Cliff Schorer:  People will always be the foundation of successful enterprises

Posted by Bailey Jensen on Dec 17, 2019 10:29:54 AM

Clifford Schorer is a serial entrepreneur. In addition to his position on the Board of Directors at Frontier Signal, he serves as Director of Columbia University’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program, as well as the Co-Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Columbia University Business School

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Sit Down with Frontier Signal's Board Member: Vikesh Mahendroo

Posted by Bailey Jensen on Dec 10, 2019 10:57:31 AM

Vikesh Mahendroo, Former President of Mercer, weighs in on the future work, and his newest venture with Nelson Rockefeller Jr.

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